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Wednesday 19th December

Dress code for the rest of the week

Tomorrow the children are in mufti for the class parties. Please ensure they have covered shoulders, wide brimmed hat and are wearing sunscreen.

Wednesday is also mufti. Year 6 students need to bring their school uniforms for the final assembly and if they are having any clothing signed, it needs to be an additional item and not something they are wearing please.

All students in Talent Fest are required to bring a USB with their music please. 

Enjoy the last couple of days.

Stage 2 Class Party Tomorrow

Stage 2 Class Party

Students need to meet under the Hall COLA at 9am. Please don't be late as buses will leave at 9:15am sharp. Students are to wear mufti tomorrow with covered shoulders and closed in shoes. Please ensure you have socks for bowling. Tomorrow is forcast to be hot and sunny so please wear your wide brimmed school hat and sunscreen. Teachers will have sunscreen on the day to reapply. Please bring a small backpack with recess, lunch, water and a small bag of treats for the movie. No one will be visiting the shops on the day. 

Thank you and see you tomorrow!

December 17 Newsletter

Click here to view the December 17 Schoolzine eNewsletter!


Language Survey for 2019

Please take a few minutes to complete the online Language survey below. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please Consider our Neighbours

The Office recently received complaints from neighbours of the School in regards to cars parking across residential driveways and parking in the turning circles at either end of Tristania Place.

We would like to remind parents that if you park in places such as clearways or no parking zones, you may restrict traffic flow and create danger for other road users and residents. You must obey all parking signs.

In addition, it is an offence to stop your vehicle (that is, bring it to a stop and either stay with the vehicle or leave it parked) in the following circumstances-:

  • Double parked (that is in the road alongside a car that is parked)
  • On or across a driveway or footpath
  • On footpaths and nature strips
  • Between BUS STOP or BUS ZONE signs
  • In a safety zone or within 10 metres before or after a safety zone
  • Within an intersection
  • Within 10 metres of an intersecting road at an intersection without traffic lights unless:
    • A sign allows you to park there or
    • The intersection is a T-intersection without traffic lights, where you are permitted to stop along the continuous side of the continuing road

We thank you for your cooperation.

Mystery day out tomorrow 12.12.18

Tomorrow is Mystery Day Out. We can't tell you where or what we're doing but would like our winning house members from Wyuna to please bring enough food and water to keep them going for the day. Can you also bring a raincoat in case of rain.

Please make sure you have returned the permission note.


Canteen Closed Tuesday 18

From your P&C:

Please note that the canteen will be closed on Tuesday 18th of December. 

Merry Christmas from the canteen team!

UPDATE Girls School Uniform Survey

The Girls School Uniform survey has been extended to Wednesday 19 December.

Please have you say and complete the online survey at-:

Below are some additional options that may be considered. These examples are not colour co-ordinated for our school, so please disregard the colour schemes used in the photos.

Girls Uniform Options.pdf

If any parents have other suggestions, please feel free to email the School Office with any photos or a description.